PPVC Lifting Course for Crane Operators

1-Day (Extended) Course on PPVC Lifting Course for Crane Operators

Code 44084 - Crawler Crane 
Code 44085 - Truck-mounted Mobile Crane
Code 44086 - Saddle-jib Tower Crane

INTRODUCTION Recently construction sites had started using Prefabricated Prefi nished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) in building construction to improve productivity. The components used in PPVC are much heavier and bulky. To lift such components using cranes, the crane operators need to handle the components (loads) more carefully and position them accurately at specifi ed location points mostly with the help of signalmen’s walkie-talkie communications as the crane operators are unable to see the locations points due to large size of the PPVC components. OBJECTIVE At the end of the training, participants would be able to perform lifting operations with heavy and bulky loads, such as PPVC units, in a safe manner using the respective cranes (Crawler/Truck-mounted Mobile/Saddle-Jib tower crane).
A. THEORY LESSONS Brief on DfMA concept; Understanding of load chart for heavy lifting; Understanding of lifting plan and risk assessment; Special safety considerations during lifting operation for heavy items like PPVC units for crane operators B. PRACTICAL LESSONS Practical training sessions involving lifting operations with heavy and bulky loads (PPVC-like units) using respective cranes.

Participants who apply for this course must be a registered crane operator and have workingexperience in using respective cranes (Crawler/ Truck-mounted Mobile/ Saddle- jib tower Crane).

Participants will be assessed in practical skills on performing lifting operations with PPVC like components using respective cranes.

Upon attaining 100% class attendance and obtaining a pass in the assessment, participants will be issued a Certifi cate of Successful Completion. 

Date:7 April 2023
Time: 8.30 am to 7.00pm
Venue: BCA Academy
Fee (Incl GST): S$710.00 per participant

Registered crane operators in respective cranes (Crawler/ Truck-mounted Mobile / Saddle-jib Tower Crane)

To register, please log into our Online StoreFront (OSF) at https://eservices.bcaa.edu.sg/registration/#/login and search for course code 44084 / 44085 / 44086




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