Diploma in Construction Engineering (Part-Time)

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Event code: 77026


You will have the flexibility to take the modular certificates in any order and at your own pace*. The certificates can be stacked up towards the Diploma.
*maximum of 5 years to accumulate the certificates for an academic qualification


Construction landscape is revolutionising to embrace the global trend of digitalisation. Increasingly, projects are using advanced technology, software applications and new method of construction to improve quality, safety and construction productivity. There is a strong demand for competent professionals to play the key role of managing and supervising these projects.

Whether you are currently in the Built Environment (BE) sector seeking to upgrade your knowledge and progress in your career, or someone who aspire to start a new career in the BE sector, this programme will provide you with the technical knowledge and practical skills to assist in the design works and supervise construction project works in the knowledge based economy.

Graduates of the Diploma in Construction Engineering is eligible to register as a Resident Technical Officer (RTO) under the Building Control Act.
(Refer to Award of Certificate in brochure)

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Certificate in Structural Analysis
Modular Certificate A: Apr 2023 - Sep 2023
(Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning)
• Technical Drawings • Structural Mechanics• Structural Analysis

Certificate in Construction Technology
Modular Certificate B: Oct 2022 - Mar 2023
(Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning)
• BIM for Structure
• BIM for Architecture
• Construction Technology
• Management Systems for Construction
• Project Management

Certificate in Site Management
Modular Certificate C: Apr 2023 - Sep 2023
(Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning)
• Reinforced Concrete Construction
• Precast & Prestressed Concrete Design & Construction
• Surveying

Certificate in Reinforced Concrete
Modular Certificate D: Oct 2022 - Mar 2023
(Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning)
• Reinforced Concrete Design 1
• Reinforced Concrete Design 2

Certificate in Structural Design
Modular Certificate E: Apr 2024 - Oct 2024
(Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning)
• Steel Design and Construction
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Construction Materials


Duration: Modular Certificate A - 156 hours
                Modular Certificate B - 171 hours
                Modular Certificate C - 171 hours
                Modular Certificate D - 151 hours
                Modular Certificate E - 171 hours

Frequency: 2 - 4 evenings per week (Some lessons may be held on Saturdays)

Venue: BCA Braddell Campus and Online Learning

Fees (inclusive of GST):
S$15,000 (Full programme)
S$3,000 (per modular certificate)
*Refer to attached brochure for SSG funding details

Assessment: Continuous Assessment & Examinations

Click HERE to download the brochure


Modular Certificate Title

Full Course Fee

Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and non SME company sponsored participants.

Fee payable after 50% funding support

Singaporeans 40 years old and above OR SME company sponsored Singaporeans or Singapore PRs.

Fee payable after 70% funding support

Certificate in Structural Analysis

Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning (TGS-2022012533)




Certificate in Construction Technology

Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning (TGS-2022012757)




Certificate in Site Management

Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning (TGS-2022012754)




Certificate in Reinforced Concrete Design

Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning (TGS-2022013163)




Certificate in Structural Design

Classroom + Synchronous E-Learning (TGS-2022012532)




  ^ The fees are inclusive of GST and are subject to change.

Participant must achieve at least 75% attendance and pass all assessments. BCA Academy reserves the right to recover the funded amount from the participant (self-sponsored) or employer (company sponsored) if participant did not meet the eligibility criteria. Details of SSG’s funding can be found in https://www.enterprisejobskills.gov.sg/content/upgrade-skills/course-fee-and-absentee-payroll-funding.html


Registration closes 2 weeks prior to modular certificate commencement or when the class is fully subscribed, whichever comes first. Registration can remain open until course commencement date if training spaces are still available.

For latest update on programme date and/or registration, please click HERE to visit BCA Academy Online StoreFront (OSF) to register.

Course codes:

Full Programme: 77026
Modular Certificate A: 77026A
Modular Certificate B: 77026B
Modular Certificate C: 77026C
Modular Certificate D: 77026D
Modular Certificate E: 77026E

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