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Application Procedure

Step 1 :  Download the application form from the respective course information page.  
Step 2 :   If there are any entry requirements stated for the course, please attach photocopies of all relevant documents (highest qualification, relevant certificates, permits, etc.) for verification purposes.
Step 3 :  If a company is applying funding, it has to make enrolment for the course through the respective funding agency’s website.
Step 4 :  Please attach a cheque for paymentof the course fee,payable to "Building and Construction Authority", together with the completed application form.
Step 5 :  Submit the completed application form, relevant documents and cheque payment to: BCA Academy, 200 Braddell Road, Singapore 579700
Step 6 :  For any enquiry on the application of the course, please contact BCA Academy at 6248 9999.


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