BCA Braddell Campus supports the living lab concept on expanded research, innovation and training with key focus on environmental sustainability, construction productivity and quality in Singapore. It has purpose-built immersive facilities and systems, which is adaptive and responsive to the occupants and environment. This gives vast opportunities for developers to pool resources and bring their capabilities together to develop real life solutions to users. It provides a “sandbox” for businesses along with different innovators to create, connect and collaborate to prove ideas or discover new solutions. Imagine an innovator, researcher or entrepreneur working on a project to reduce carbon footprint, can partner with an AI specialist within the same platform to scale solutions easily. This ecosystem will continuously breed innovation and extend it to the real world.

The BCA Braddell Campus has a total floor area of 73,768m2 on a site area of 50,746m2. It comprises a good mixed of six low rise buildings to house offices, a flagship 10-storey academic building completed in 2016 and two new iconic buildings to be completed soon for research into new products and technologies and launching new events.

BCAA Overview

BCA SkyLab

For more information, please email to: BCA_Skylab@bca.gov.sg

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