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The Built Environment (BE) sector has significantly transformed Singapore into today's cosmopolitan city. With emerging trends such as rapid digitalisation, increasing complexity and creativity in designing buildings and evolving human needs, the BE sector is undergoing significant growth and transformation towards an advanced, integrated, and progressive industry.

With the refreshed Built Environment (BE) Industry Transformation Map (ITM), exciting career opportunities await our youth in Built Environment- a resilient industry that is poised for growth in the years ahead.

With this in mind, BCA Academy launched three new Integrated Work-Study Diplomas (IWSD) to create a future-ready workforce.

Programmes offered are:


Digitalisation is a critical enabler in transforming Singapore into a smarter, greener and more liveable city. The Integrated Work Study Diploma Programme, which strongly focuses on digitalisation applied through stages of a building's design, construction to operations, will future-proof our graduates to take on the exciting roles to shape Singapore's future.

1. Learn and Earn
Our Integrated Work-Study Programme lets you work and earn an income while learning!

2. Digital–focused curriculum that develops emerging and in-demand skills
There are opportunities for you to undergo work placement with leading firms in the Built Environment sector to help them enhance your employability.

Build a strong foundation in core disciplinary areas as well as gain a broad understanding on related areas so that you can take a holistic approach to solve complex problems through our Integrated and Interdisciplinary approach.

3. Recognised professional qualifications
Qualifications are well-recognised – your diploma is recognised for the registration of Resident Technical Officers (RTO)*.  You will also obtain Certificate for Green Mark Accredited Professional (GM AP)^
* for Diploma in Construction Engineering (Digital).
^ for Diploma in Digital and Sustainable Architecture and Diploma in Digital and Smart Facilities Management, upon meeting minimum requirement.


The objectives of the programme are to equip and prepare students in the areas of:

Technical competency
Demonstrate technical competency to adopt digitalisation in the core discipline of architectural design/construction engineering/ smart facilities.

Knowledge Integration
Integrate interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge and collaborate effectively with stakeholders to achieve quality outcomes.

Lifelong learning
Actively pursue lifelong learning and continuous development to be equipped for a changing world.


As part of the IWSD programme, students will spend half of the three years with leading Built Environment firms as part of their learning experience.
· 18 months - You will undergo classroom-based and online learning to build a strong core foundation.
·  6 months - You will undergo internships with leading firms in the Built Environment sector.
· 12 months - You will undergo workplace learning with leading firms in the Built Environment sector, developing deep technical skills through real world application.


In addition, we also offer Part-Time Diploma Programme. Our Part-Time Diploma is designed for adult learners with working experience and academic qualification such as GCE 'O' level, ITE qualifications or Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 6, with the focus to equip them with the knowledge and skills to undertake and add value to jobs within the Built Environment Sector.

The diploma aims to up-skill and re-skill working adults to acquire new capabilities and competencies, and to keep abreast with new developments and trends in the industry.

Programme offered is:

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