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Refresher Course for Licensed Plumbers – Updates on Regulations and Testing of Sanitary System

Event code: 45033


All existing Licensed Plumbers (LPs) are required to attend a refresher course at least once every 3 years to ensure that their lifetime licences continue to remain valid. The refresher course aims to help LPs keep themselves updated on the latest plumbing requirements in Singapore as well as keep up with advancements in plumbing technology and best practices.


At the end of the session, participants will be updated on water and sanitary work legislations, and the changes and best practices in the plumbing industry.


Part 1: Updates in Regulatory Requirements (2 hours)
1. Public Utilities Act
2. Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations
3. Public Utilities (Regulated Works and WSI Design Works) Regulations

Part 2: Testing of Sanitary System (2 hours)
4. Air test and other leak detection methods
5. Case Studies: DOs & DON’Ts and Causes of failures during Air Test (including video

There will be an end-of-course assessment comprises of 10 Multiple-Choice-Questions (MCQs). There are a total of 5 topics covered in this course. Every topic has video lectures and quizzes. You are given 3 days to complete the course at your own time and own pace. You will need to complete all 5 topics.

To track your progress of learning, a blue tick will appear beside the recorded topic once you have completed it. You need to learn the topics in the order without skipping any of them.


Licensed Plumbers


Date: To be confirmed
Venue: e-Learning via BCAA Learning Management System (LMS)*
*The course is conducted in asynchronous format where recorded video lectures, reference materials and short quizzes will be delivered to participants via the BCA Academy Learning Management System (LMS). After logging in to the LMS, participants will be able to learn the training content at their own time and pace. Participants shall complete the course and the assessment in the same LMS within the given 3 days.


Fee (inclusive of 9% GST): S$50.00


The participant is required to take the assessment after completing all the online topics. The details of the assessment are as follows: 
• 10 multiple-choice-questions (MCQs) within 15 minutes. To pass, you need to score at least 8 out of 10. 
• Participants will be allowed to attempt the assessment questions multiple times until they pass the test.

Upon passing of your assessment, please take screenshot of the assessment results in LMS, for your interim records. E-certificate will be sent to you within a month upon completion of the course.


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