Code of Practice on Buildability

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The Buildability legislation, effective since 1 Jan 2001, promotes the use of buildable design and new construction technologies. Under legislation, consultants involved in building projects with Gross Floor Areas (GFA) of 2,000m2 and above must comply with the minimum Buildable Design Scores (B-Score) stipulated in the Code of Practice on Buildability (COP). Since 15 Jul 2011, builders also have to comply with a minimum Constructability Score (C-Score) which encourages the use of construction technologies, mehods and processes to reduce the industry’s reliance on foreign workers.
Over the years, the buildability framework has been strengthened to require consultants to deliver more buildable designs upstream, and builders to adopt more labour-saving construction methods/technologies downstream. The course thus aims to keep participants up to date on the latest changes to the buildability framework and provides them with an understanding of the principles involved in computing the B-Score and C-Score.

This half-day course aims to enable the participant to understand the principles in computing buildability score, types of project affected by buildable design legislation and the minimum scores to comply.

• Introduction to the Code of Practice on Buildability
• Principles of buildability and BDAS
• Differences among the different editions of Code of Practice
• Frequently made mistakes in computing buildability scores
• Examples of buildable projects
• Examples of how buildability scores are computed and exercises

This course is conducted by BCA officers who will share with the participants on how to comply with the minimum buildability score requirement and highlight the frequently made mistakes.

• Developers
• Architects
• Engineers
• Builders and Contractors
• Project Coordinators
• Project Managers

Frequency: Bi-annual
Date: 7 June 2024
Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm
Platform: e-Learning via BCAA Learning Management System (LMS)
Fee (incl of 9% GST): S$198.64

e-Certificate of Attendance (e-COA) will be awarded to participants who meet the attendance requirement.

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Subject to award from PEB.
To check for CPD point eligibility, please

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