Principles and Application of Integrated Facilities Management

Event Code: 81029

With ageing building stocks and higher maintenance costs expected to maintain the FM services levels, it is essential that the industry moves towards adopting Integrated Facilities Management for better work efficiency and effectiveness.

This course aims to equip FM practitioners with practical knowledge on implementing integrated facilities management.
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• understand the concepts of various Integrated Facilities Management models in local FM context
• explain the approaches in moving towards an integrated FM
• apply a suitable IFM model

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) Principles 
·             Overview of FM Guide
·             Comparison of traditional FM vs integrated FM
·             Different integrated FM models
·             Pro & cons of each FM models

Taking the integrated FM Model Approach
·             Amalgamated contracts
·             Incentive mechanisms
·             Outcome based contracts

Strategize IFM implementation
·             Defining the business requirements for IFM
·             Establishing transition plan
·             Services to be included in IFM
·             Overcome IFM services impact and challenges

Steps towards Integration model
·             Identify business objectives
·             Set desired FM outcomes and KPIs
·             Prioritise FM services to focus on
·             Integrating multiple contracts into a single platform

Preparing Tender Specification
·             Service Requirements & Term
·             Service Levels & Response time
·             Service Performance Report
·             Example for Illustration

Performance Appraisal
·                Key Performance Indicators & Controls
·                Performance Evaluation of various integration models

Sharing of Industry Best Practices

The course will be conducted by experienced FM Industry professionals and public sector agencies

Industry practitioners who are keen to embark on Integrated FM journey, e.g., Associate Director, Senior Facilities Manager, etc

An e-Statement of Attendance (e-SOA) will be issued to participants who:
• Achieve at least 75% class attendance; and
• Pass MCQ test.

Date: 27 & 28 November 2023
Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm
Duration: 2 days
Venue: BCA Braddell Campus
Fee (incl of GST): S$1,055

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Subject to award from SIFMA, BOA-SIA and PEB.
To check for CPD point eligibility, please

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