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Certification Course on Strategies for Smart Facilities Management (FM) and Maintainability

Event code: 80054

With the growing number of buildings and ageing workforce, it is critical to maintain the standards of the facility management to sustain building performance. Integrate the practice of maintainable design at upstream to reduce maintenance workload for FM firms, and downstream adoption of Smart FM elements and leveraging technology keeping facility sustainable and maintainable.

This course aims to equip FM practitioners with knowledge on maintainability practices and smart FM strategies to enhance building facilities management. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
a) demonstrate the understanding of Design for Maintainability principles and building’s overall lifecycle;
b) apply the smart FM process implementation, data collection and analysis; and
c) appraise various approaches towards Design for Maintainability and smart FM strategies.

Design for Maintainability
• Introduction
• Applications through Maintainability
• Design & Detailing

Green Mark 2021: Maintainability
• Design Strategies for Smart FM adopting DfM concepts
• Maintenance Strategy Report

Maintainability, Sustainability & Safety Synergy
• Importance and Impact of DfM
• Maintainability and Smart FM
• Improving Maintenance Approaches

Life Cycle Cost Analysis
• Life Cycle Costing - Concepts and

• LCC Analysis

Smart Facilities Management
• Definition
• 5-Step SMART Process
• Smart FM Framework and Types of “Smartness”
• Fundamentals of Smart FM Implementation

Managing Building Data
• Building Automation System
• Open Communication Protocols
• Data Collection, Transformation and Analysis
• Workflow Integration
• Open Data Schema

Green Mark 2021: Intelligence Section
• Understanding GM 2021: Intelligence Section
• Digital Life Cycle
• Common Data Environment for Smart FM
• Digital Maturity Map 

Sharing of Industry Best Practices

A diverse group of trainers by experienced FM industry professionals and government agency.

Industry practitioners who are keen to embark on Design for Maintainability and smart FM journey, e.g., Developers, Building Owners, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers, Facility Managers etc.

Lecture (Online Synchronous Learning)
Date: 25 & 26 September 2024
Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm

MCQ Online Assessment
Participants are required to complete the MCQ online assessment by 28 September 2024, 2359hrs.

Platform: BCAA Learning Management System (LMS)
Frequency: Once per annum
Duration: 16 hrs
Fee (inclusive of 9% GST): S$804.77 

An e-Certificate of Successful Completion (e-CSC) will be issued to participants who:
• Achieve at least 75% class attendance; and
• Pass MCQ assessment

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Subject to award from SCEM, SGBC-GMAP, BOA-SIA and PEB.
To check for CPD point eligibility, please CLICK HERE

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