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Certification Course for Site Investigation Supervisors

Event code: 77087

The Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) of SPRING Singapore, with the support of Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS), Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) has introduced an accreditation scheme for site investigation firms. As part of the accreditation requirements for site investigation firms, site investigation supervisors of the firms are required to undergo a training course on site investigation. Upon successfully completing the course, they can be registered as “Certified Site Investigation Supervisor” with GeoSS.

The main objective of this course is to promote good practices and good quality works among supervisors in site investigation works. This course will educate the site investigation supervisors on Singapore’s geological background, roles and responsibilities of the supervisors, various methods of soil sampling and field testing methods and good practices in investigation works. This course is jointly organised by BCA Academy and LTA Academy and supported by GeoSS.

A. Fundamental of geology
B. Geology and updated geological map of Singapore
C. Soils
• Classification, description & identification
• Borehole logging
• Properties and assessment
D. Rocks
• Weathering, classifications & description
• Calculation of RQD, TCR & SCR at site
• Borehole logging
• Core box marking
• Rock properties and assessment

A. Regulatory Requirements, Applications,
Utilities and Safety
• Permission to enter
• Working within RPZ, near trees and near utilities
• Good Housekeeping & Safe Practices
B. Supervision of SI works to ensure Quality
• Drilling
• Undisturbed Sampling
• Field Testing
• BH Termination
• Checklists

A. Drilling
• Types of drilling and machinery
• Manpower structure for drilling operation
• Setting up of drilling rig
• Role of supervisors
• Good/bad practices
B. Soil Sampling
• Types & classes of sampling
• Minimising disturbance during sampling
• Using right sampler
• Soil sampling schedules
• Sample preservation
• Disturbance after sampling
• Role of supervisors
• Good/bad practices
C. Field Test Methods
• Standard penetration test, field penetration test, packer test, plate bearing test & vane shear test
• Pressure meter
• Cone penetration test & dilatometer test
• Good/bad practices
D. Instrumentation
i) Ground/Geotechnical Instrumentation
• Water stand pipe, casagrande piezometer, vibrating wire piezometer, inclinometer, rod extensometer & magnetic extensometer
• Heave stake
• Good/bad practices
ii) Structural Instrumentation
• Vertical electro level tiltmeter, horizontal electro level beam, manual tiltmeter
• Automatic/manual crackmeter
• Survey glass prism
• Good/bad practices

• PROF LEUNG CHUN FAI, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore
• DR CAI JUN GANG, Executive Director, Tritech Engineering & Testing (S) Pte Ltd
• MR HUANG EAN SEONG, Assistant Chief Specialist, Land Transport Authority
• MR TING HUA KEONG, Director, Soil Investigation (Pte) Ltd.
• MR MICHAEL LEE KIM WOON, Senior Principal Geologist, Tritech Engineering & Testing (S) Pte Ltd
• MR U KAR WINN, Senior Project Manager, GeoLS Pte Ltd
• MR GAO JIANSHENG, Technical Manager, Tritech Engineering & Testing (S) Pte Ltd

• Site Investigation Supervisors
• Practicing Engineers
• Geotechnical Specialists
• Other Supervisory Personnel
• WSH Personnel

19th Run: 16 Apr 2018 (Module 2)
               17 Apr 2018 (Module 3)
               23 & 24 Apr 2018 (Module 1)
Tests will be conducted at the end of every lesson.
Duration: 4 evenings (13 hours)
Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm (Module 1 & 2)
6.00pm to 10.00pm (Module 3)
Venue: LTA Academy/BCA Academy

Fee (incl of GST): S$700.00 (without funding)/S$505.00 (with funding)*
Refreshment will be provided.

*NOTE: You may be eligible for funding from Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). The nett fee after grant deduction is S$505.00.
Eligibility for funding: (i) Singaporean (ii) Meet attendance requirement and pass the course.
Payment of S$700.00 shall be made in full. Funding grant amount shall be refunded to successful applicants after successful completion of the course. If you would like to be considered for e2i grant, please fill in the grant application form accessible from the Online Storefront. Funding is subject to terms and conditions of e2i and BCA Academy.

Participants are to pass all the four tests and achieve at least 75% attendance to be awarded the Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC).

PEB: Pending
WSH-CPD: Pending
IES-ACES: Pending (Structural)

To register, please log into our Online StoreFront (OSF) at and search for course code 77087

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