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Managing Workflow and Achieving Plan Reliability

Event code: 78089

2 Days Workshop Series on Lean Construction Management
Managing Workflow and Achieving Plan Reliability

Lean construction employs lean optimizations to the construction process to improve project performance and productivity. “Lean” means utilizing less resources, effort, cost, manpower, to achieve more value through optimizing processes by reducing wastes and uncertainty while maximizing customer satisfaction, In that way, it makes processes more stable, predictable and efficient. Studies have shown that the application of Lean construction methods in project delivery process has resulted in reduction of completion time by almost 30% and up to 15% reduction in costs.

The ‘Lean Construction Management Workshop Series’ aims to introduce to the industry the different Lean Construction approaches and methodologies through a series of bespoke workshops. Through this knowledge transfer, it is hoped that the industry practitioners would be able make more informed decision when choosing the suitable approaches for the company or project so as to enhance project delivery.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the principles and tools which cover advance project planning practices involving short-term collective planning, pull scheduling, constraint management techniques and workflow optimization using cloud based real-time planning tools. Utilizing lean methodology and cloud based tool results in smoother production flow of construction activities and reduction of uncertainty across the project personnel and the different subcontractors involved in the project. Possibilities of combining Lean, cloud and mobile technologies and BIM are also covered which ultimately helps to boost the construction productivity in projects.


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