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Specialist Diploma in Lean Construction (SDLC)

Event code: 79011


Drawing from the lean principles originally applied in manufacturing sector, lean construction adopts production management approach to project delivery. It strives to optimise project delivery through continuous improvements to minimise waste and maximise values to all stakeholders.

This programme aims to equip industry practitioners with the knowledge of lean principles, lean construction approaches and methodologies for higher productivity.

• Learning from Toyota - The Toyota Story
• 14 Principles of Toyota Way
• Lean Principles for process improvement
• Lean Tools for minimizing waste in construction
• Transforming into lean enterprise
• Final Project (to be submitted within 4 months from the end of the 5-month lessons)

We seek your patience while we revamp the programme.
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1) For the Specialist Diploma Student Handbook, please click HERE.

2) For the Terms & Conditions for Enrolment under School of Executive & Continuing Education, please click HERE.

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