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Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design

Event code: 74015

Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design


Interior and landscape design is about exploring space within a building and outside the building. And with design disciplines merging across the board, aspiring interior and landscape architects will have to take inspiration from architecture, landscape, product, graphic art and visual culture to perceive space, while considering wider issues such as the environment, functions and form.

The Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design is structured to equip you with the knowledge of principles and theories in interior and landscape design, and how they are applied in real life. From idea conception to planning and creating interior and exterior spaces, you will explore new technologies to improve your design solutions and gain critical knowledge of building and material science to understand the behavioural, social and physical requirements of design in the built environment.

Upon graduation, you will qualify to work as technical specialists in the interior and landscape design industry.


At the end of the course, the participants would have built a solid knowledge-base in the many facets of an interior or landscape design project, from planning and design to implementation. They would have grasped the general concepts and methodologies, acquired the basic vocabulary & typology of interior and landscape design. They would also possess proper methods of detailing with sufficient knowledge in building science & materials to meet the behavioural, social & physical requirements of design in the built environment.


Project Managers, architects, engineers, project coordinators, interior designers, landscape designers, supervisors and those who wish to cross over to a new field.


30th Intake:   Starting on 6th Aug 2018


DURATION: Approximately 1 year including term break

FREQUENCY: 2 to 4 times a week from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm on weekdays
                       (there may be lessons conducted on Saturdays)

VENUE: BCA Academy


Fee (incl. GST) : S$5,200.00

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NOTE: Funding/subsidies from Funding Agencies is available for Jul/Aug 2018 Intake.
(T&C apply)

Funding and subsidies offered by third party organisations for BCA Academy courses and programmes under the Skills Development Fund (SDF), Workforce Training and Upgrading Scheme (WTU), Skills Re-development Programme (SRP) and other relevant schemes or programmes, are subject to approval. BCA Academy is not to be held liable if funding and subsidies are either granted at a reduced amount or not granted at all. Further, BCA Academy reserves the right to amend the details of any course or programme, revise the course or programme fees without prior notice, cancel or postpone the course or programme and change the venue of the course or programme.

Please contact BCA Academy staff should you have any queries on this notice.

For enquiries, please call 6248 9999; or email to


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