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Advertisement - Stackable Modular Certificates - Edited

Specialist Diploma in Underground Construction (SDUC)

Event code: 79014

This programme can be taken as separate stackable modular certificates.
The certificates can be taken in any order (within 3yrs). Upon completion of
all 3 modular certificates (A,B,C), you will be awarded the Specialist Diploma.

Land-scarce Singapore has historically looked to build both upward with taller buildings and outward by reclaiming land from sea. However, another area that Singapore could do more with, is its underground space. The underground space holds possibilities for creating additional subterranean transport hubs, pedestrian links, cycling lanes, utility plants, storage and research facilities, industrial uses, shopping areas and other public spaces. Developing competency in the area of underground construction is critical to realizing such subterranean construction projects.

The Specialist Diploma in Underground Construction aims to equip Contractors and Consultants at the supervisory level with the knowledge in geotechnical design concepts, considerations and construction techniques so as to support increasingly complex and challenging underground construction projects.


Certificate in Basic Geotechnical Engineering
MODULE A: 8 Jan – 4 Apr 2019

Certificate in Underground Excavation
MODULE B: 6 May – 26 Jul 2019

Certificate in Tunnelling Technique
MODULE C: 2 Sep – 29 Nov 2019


Module B Starting On: 6 May 2019
Registration Closing On: 5 Apr 2019
Duration: 11 weeks per module
Frequency: 2 evenings per week
(some courses may be held on Saturdays)

Venue: BCA Academy

Fees (Without subsidy, inclusive of GST) :
S$6,000 (Certificates taken within one year)
S$2,000* (per Module)
(Modules to be taken separately, max. candidature of 3 years apply*)
Assessment: Continual Assessments (No exams)

Download Brochure & Application form


Submit the completed application form and supporting documents (listed under Entry Requirement) to before application closing date.
The three modules may be taken in any order, as long as the candidate does not exceed a maximum of three years of candidature.
Application period open now for Module A or full SDUC (Modules A + B + C)

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