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Specialist Diploma in MEP Modularisation (SDMM)

Event code: 79019


The Specialist Diploma in MEP Modularisation (SDMM) is a 9-month programme developed to be in line with Government’s effort to increase overall construction productivity capabilities in the MEP sector. SDMM focuses on Off-site Prefabrication of Modular Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems (MMS) aka MEP Modularisation. SDMM’s first module introduces learners to the principles of MEP coordination. It provides an overview of the MEP system design and material selection; followed by installation and testing; and finally, operations and maintenance. The subsequent module covers good practices in MMS ranging from 3 broad modular frame designs: modular run, modular riser and modular platform. It also establishes guidelines on how different MEP services are allocated within the frame as well as recommended sizes, type of materials and minimum services needed for cost effectiveness. Advanced jointing services for MEP are also studied for their efficacy in
enhancing productivity as well as their long-term impact based on cost-benefits analysis. BIM Modelling tools will be used for MEP systems design and analysis. Programming tools will also be introduced to enhance BIM MEP design. There will be practicum to address some of the potential challenges that could be faced by Designers, Consultants and Fabricators. External guest speakers specialising in components for MMS will also be invited to share their experiences. Finally, students will embark on a 4-month graded project based on designing a full range of MMS solutions for a specific building type.

• Introduction to the Principles of MEP Coordination*
• How to Construct Modular MEP Systems
• BIM Modelling (MEP)#
• BIM for MEP Coordination^
• Basic Computation BIM
• Addressing Challenges in MMS Implementation
• Project
* Holders of Specialist Diploma in M&E Coordination will be exempted from
this subject
# Holders of Certification course in BIM Modelling (MEP Track) will be exempted from this subject
^ Holders of Certification course in BIM for MEP Coordination will be exempted from this subject

2nd Intake: Starting on 18 Feb 2019
Registration Closing On: 1 Feb 2019
Duration: 9 months
Frequency: 2 to 4 evenings per week
(except for some courses which may be held on Saturdays)
Venue: BCA Academy
Fees (incl. of GST): S$6,500 

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Submit the completed application form and supporting documents (listed under Entry Requirement) to

For enquiries, please call 6248 9999 or email to

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