The current safe management measures implemented at dormitories have been assessed to be effective in managing and reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and ensuring the health of the workers. However, in view of the evolving COVID-19 situation, additional risk mitigating measures are required for the workforce not residing in the dormitories.

Relevant courses are designed to develop and support the effective implementation of ART testing regime for the construction workforce (including CAWs on non-construction worksites) under the supervision of competent ART supervisors appointed by the company.


Important Note:

  1. To implement ART operations, company must register appointed ART supervisors to attend and pass the relevant course according to their company type below:


    • Company with construction worksites (include DfMA suppliers & ready-mix concrete companies)*: must pre-register to attend "ART Swabbing and Supervision for Built Environment" course in the registration link provided below (direct registration at BCAA OSF will not be accepted)
    • Company with non-construction premises: register to attend "ART Self-Swab Supervision for Built Environment (Non-Construction Worksite)" course

    [*ART supervisors from large worksites with construction project value > $3 million and construction supply works premises must complete and pass the course by 3 September 2021.]

    Note: If your company is unable to send ART supervisors to complete the ART supervisory training before the mandatory ART implementation dates, your company should still implement ART for your workers by the mandatory ART implementation date, and send your ART supervisors for training at the earliest available date. In the meantime, you can refer to the resources on BCA website to assist you with the ART implementation: https://www1.bca.gov.sg/COVID-19/art/steps-to-implement-art 

  2. Project reference number (for construction worksites) / UEN Number (for DfMA suppliers & ready-mix concrete companies) must be provided when registering for the course. For company with construction worksites (including DfMA suppliers & ready-mix concrete companies), each company can register up to 2 ART supervisors per project reference for the course. 
  3. BCA Academy will assign course dates/time slot based on training slot availability.
  4. We strongly advise trainee to attend the course on scheduled time slot. Any changes in the assigned time slot will lead to later course dates due to the expected high volume of training request.
  5. Please check and ensure that information provided is correct and accurate to ensure applications can be processed successfully.
  6. The courses do not train the ART supervisor to execute any form of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swab operation at worksite.






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