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BIM Symposium on Advanced Computational Design

Event code: 79085

BIM Symposium on Advanced Computational Design


Computational Design or also known as Parametric Design approach enables the industry professionals to explore wider range of design 

options and iterate complex solution seamlessly. The design approach also makes the creation of complex geometry possible and accurate.
The half day BIM Symposium on Advanced Computational Design will focus on the sharing of the development, strategies and case study from 

the local and international distinguished speakers, so as to create awareness and encourage the adoption of it to improve the productivity.


From the Pencils to Partners: The Evolution of Computation in the AEC Industry 
Anthony Hauck, Director, Autodesk

Building design, construction, and operations are poised to incorporate computation capabilities beyond the capture and delivery of decisions arrived at by more traditional methods. As expertise becomes increasingly codified, computational environments are supporting better building decisions as partners in the AEC industry. Today the industry is incorporating into its practices methodologies imagined and predicted decades ago, and the pace of evolution is about to accelerate. From the napkin sketch to operational commissioning and maintenance, computation is about to realize its potential to revolutionize the entire building lifecycle.

Think “Data Not Files” - Strategies to Manage AEC Project Data Interoperability Without File Format Lock-In Or Limits
Anthony Buckley-Thorpe, Managing Partner, Flux Advanced Services + Technology (FAST) arm of Flux IO

The consumer world has already moved beyond the concept of files. Streaming video services, mobile apps and social networks no longer retain the concept of ‘files’ yet they allow for incredible efficiency in data control, exchange and collaboration. The construction industry needs to move beyond the concept of discreet file exchange. As managing interoperability of construction project data and digital models in a complex and fragmented industry is a huge challenge, Anthony will contextualize the need for data exchange as a supplement to the existing file based paradigm. Strategies and concrete examples of data exchange methodologies will be presented and the benefits over traditional file exchange highlighted, focusing on themes such as security, control, auditing and tracking.

The Making of the ‘Future of Us’ – Using Scripting to design, document, coordinate and pre-fabricate a free form shape
Thomas Wortmann, Architectural Researcher and Studio Instructor, SUTD

SUTD’s research and development for the state-of-the-art ‘The Future of Us’ pavilion explores a new dialogue between architecture and tropics through the use of advanced design and fabrication technology. Thomas will share the design and fabricationprocess the team adopted using scripting in the realisation of this project.

Developers, Architects, Engineers, BIM Professionals, Builders and Academia


DATE: 3 April 2017

DURATION: 0.5 day

TIME: 9.00am to 12.00pm

VENUE: BCA Academy

FEE (incl of GST):
S$260.00# (without WTU funding)
S$41.31* (with WTU funding support for eligible local participants)

Refreshment will be provided.

# Foreigners may claim 40% of WTU funding support upon fulfilling the funding requirement*
* For more information on the funding requirement, please refer to

WTU-funded participants are required to sit for a 15-minute assessment at the end of the seminar.

GREEN PRACTICE: As part of BCA’s sustainability efforts, electronic Statement of Attendance (eSOA) will only be issued to the participant on request. Please inform BCA staff on-site if you would like to request for the eSOA.

BOA-SIA: 4 CPD Points

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