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Practical Applications of WSH Legislations in Construction Projects through Case Studies

Event code: 44079

Statutory legislations such as Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) and its subsidiary legislations are prepared by legal professionals. The structure of the legislation as well as various terms used in the legislation are not usually easily and fully understood in terms of their intent, meaning and implications by industry practitioners who either do not have legal background or only possess minimum legal knowledge. It is important that construction/project managers, supervisors and WSH personnel are educated with the better understanding of legal terms, implications of the WSH legislations, responsibilities of stakeholders, liabilities and penalties for non-compliances with respect to managing construction projects.

This practical workshop, through interactive learning activities and real-life case studies & court cases, will provide participants a clear understanding and appreciation of legal responsibilities of construction and safety personnel under the WSH Act and regulations. With the knowledge learnt in this workshop, the participants will be able to apply them in construction projects and enhance construction safety at sites.


A. WSH Legislative Framework in Singapore
The enactment process of WSH legislations will be shared. The overall WSH legislative framework (including Approved Code of Practice) will be highlighted. The intent and implications of WSH legislations will be discussed.

B. Understanding WSH Legislations with IDEADO concept
Making reference with the WSH Act and Work Injury Compensation Act, and some selected WSH subsidiary regulations, the concept of IDEADO will be introduced and explained.

C. Apprehension of WSH Legislation
Based on different accident scenarios, WSH legislation will be discussed using the IDEADO concept.

D. Roles of NHI Duty Holders – Entities and Individuals
Committee of Inquiry (COI) Report of the Nicoll Highway Incident (NHI) in relation to the circumstances, causes and recommendations of the Incident will be discussed. With the knowledge learnt from the case study, roles of duty holders (both entities and individuals) could be applied to any construction project.

E. Negligence and Duty of Care
Various real-life accident case studies and related court cases will be discussed.
With the case studies, the extent and degree of “negligence and/or duty of care” for each and every party / entity / individual involved in the each accident case study will be thoroughly discussed.

F. Understanding legal implications from WSH Convictions
WSH Convictions in recent years and trend of such convictions will be discussed.

G. Typical offences of duty holders – Entities & Individuals
From the past WSH Convictions, typical offences of duty holders (Entities and individuals) including reasons for such convictions will be analysed.


6th Run: 19 & 20 Nov 2018
Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm
Venue: BCA Academy
Fee (incl of GST): S$600.00 / S$570.00#

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

#Fee payable (incl of GST) by company after SDF* course fee support.

*Skills Development Fund (SDF) funding is available for this course. Prior to registration, companies are required to enrol their staff (Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident) throught the SSG’s SkillsConnect system @ Eligible applicant only pays the balance of course fee (incl of GST) after SDF course fee support.


PEB - Pending
WSH-CPD (WSH Officers) - 14 SDUs
IES-ACES (REs/RTOs) - Pending (Safety)


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