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Certification Course for Universal Design (UD) Assessors

Event code: 78014

Since 2011, the Certification Course for UD Assessors was launched to raise awareness and capability of the industry in applying the concept of Universal Design. With the latest updates in BCA Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment and the removal of UD Mark certification, the enhanced version is designed to reflect the shift in the focus of UD developments from creating barrier-free accessibility to creating an inclusive built environment. The 4-day programme aims to cover various aspects of adopting an inclusive approach to design. The course will adopt a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating more hands-on sessions and practical examples on design considerations, to better illustrate the application of UD by industry practitioners and experts.

• Understand the various planning and design considerations for different group of end-sers and communities (including physically-challenged, elderly and children with disabilities, aging and dementia communities).
• Understand the latest updates to the BCA Code of Accessibility and the Universal Design index self-assessment framework.
• Create awareness of the Environmental Audit Toolkit (EAT), its applications and potential benefits.
• Apply practical UD applications and strategies from exemplary UD case studies and projects.

This course will be conducted by a diverse group of experienced UD practitioners/architects and experts from the relevant agencies, special education professors, access consultants and BCA Universal Design Department.

Candidates must possess an architectural degree or a building related degree with at least 3 years of relevant experience, or 5 years for diploma holders. Course is recognised for training requirement of at least one professional under the Public Sector Panels of Consultants (PSPC) categories of AR01 & AR02 for Architectural firms and PM01 & PM02 for firms offering project management service.
For the specific criteria for listing on various PSPC disciplines and panels, kindly refer to https://www1.bca.gov.sg/procurement/pre-tender-stage/public-sector-panels-of-consultants-pspc

Introduction to Human Abilities
• Overview of disabilities in Singapore
• Understanding of sensory, psychomotor, cognitive and affective abilities and challenges 

Design Considerations for the Physically Challenged
• Space requirement
• Communications requirement
• UD applications
• Tactile indicators and detectable warning surfaces
• Guide dog 

Experiential Journey
• Immersive learning workshop with guided handson activities to enhance the appreciation and realities of end-users

Understanding Universal Design (UD)
• Applying UD 7 principles of universal design
• Universal design index self-assessment framework 

Code On Accessibility in the Built Environment
• Understanding objectives of accessibility requirements
• Key requirements & minimum provisions
• Common errors interpretation & implementation

UD Case Studies – Industry’s Best Practices
• Sharing by industry practitioners to showcase exemplary award-winning projects that go beyond codes and compliances
• Hear from industry practitioners the design process, challenges and innovative strategies that have been implemented in actual projects.

Design Considerations for Age-Friendly Community
• Background on ageing population
• Planning and design guidelines
• Use of Environmental Audit Toolkit (with practical session)
• Dementia-friendly checklist 

Design Considerations for Elderly with Disabilities
• Common challenges and design considerations for physical home environment to be more suitable for elderly with disabilities
• Use of assistive technology devices to enhance the independence of elderly with disabilities
• Case scenario discussions

Design Considerations for Parent with Children with Disabilities and Children with Disabilities
• Common challenges and design considerations for physical home environment to be more suitable for children with disabilities
• Use of assistive technology devices to enhance the quality of the children’s lives • Case scenario discussions 

Dementia-Friendly Neighbourhood
• About dementia
• Inclusive design for people living with dementia
• Designing inclusive environment
• Applying dementia-friendly principles in our home

Design Considerations for Persons with Vision Impairment
• Challenges for people with vision impairment in Singapore and how they orientate themselves
• How buildings and infrastructure can be designed to meet the needs of people with vision impairment

Date: To be confirmed
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: BCA Braddell Campus

Date:To be confirmed
Time: 1.30pm – 5.30pm
Platform: Virtual via Zoom
FEE (incl of GST): S$1,700

Stakeholders of the built environment sector (Architects, Building Owners, Facility Managers, Project Managers, Town Council Executive, Academics, Interior Designers, Managing Agents, Contractors, Suppliers)

e-Certificate of Successful Completion (e-CSC) will be awarded to participants who:
• Attain 75% of physical attendance
• Complete the in-class assignment
• Pass both the quiz assessment and group project presentation


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Subject to award from BOA-SIA and PEB.
To check for CPD point eligibility, please 

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