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Certification Course on Managing Buildings for Health and Wellness

Event code: FMT503



A sustainable building is one which goes beyond reducing water and energy usage, taking a holistic approach to enhance the indoor environmental quality. There has been growing evidence that indoor environment affects its occupants’ health and wellbeing, impacting both mental and physical health, as well productivity and loyalty of employees. Recognising that people are the greatest asset, organisations around the world have been placing more emphasis on the design and management of building facilities to support wellbeing of the employees, which will in turns improve the bottom line.

This course introduces on the importance of health, comfort and wellbeing of occupants and setting corporate objective and strategy to promote them. Topics includes the discussions on various factors affecting health, comfort and wellbeing of occupants as well as the regulatory requirements. At the end of the course, students will learn various strategies to improve, monitor and assessment of health, comfort and well-being. Case studies will be used to illustrate the various strategies.


• Evaluate the Indoor Environmental Quality of the Building
• Choose the criteria for acceptable thermal conditions in occupied spaces
• Examine moisture problems and its causes
• Propose corporate goals for healthier workplace
• Organise IAQ Surveillance Audit and ensure the recommended IAQ parameters are met
• Prepare post occupancy evaluation survey to assess occupants’ satisfaction
• Propose workplace health promoting policies and activities
• Predict and enhance the user experience by using data analytics

For information on the Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme administered by the Singapore Green Building Council, please visit https://gmap.sgbc.online/public/about


This course is offered in partnership with SUSS and is stackable towards a graduate diploma and a master’s degree. For course registration, please visit SUSS website at https://www.suss.edu.sg/courses/detail/fmt503.

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