Mobile Crane (Truck Mounted) Operation

Module 1 - 44065 (Theory)
Module 2 - 44066 (Practical)

Mobile Crane (Truck Mounted) Operation 
An 86-hour course that leads to a Certificate of Successful Completion required by MOM for registration to be a mobile crane operator

Truck mounted mobile cranes are widely used on construction sites ranging from small housing projects to multi-million dollar ones. Such cranes are available in a wide range of sizes to suit different hoisting needs. Because of their ability to handle large loads and their ease of mobility, such cranes pose a danger on the site if they are not operated properly. Hence, all operators of such cranes are required to be formally trained. Participants who have successfully completed this course will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion. This certificate is a prerequisite for application to be an MOM-registered truck mounted mobile crane operator.

To equip participants with the knowledge and skills for the safe operation of truck mounted mobile cranes.

Module 1 (Theory)
- Principal components and configuration of mobile crane
- Safety devices and indicators
- Introduction to WSHA and subsidiary legislations
- Duties and responsibilities of crane operator
- Interpret load chart
- Job site consideration and safe operation of crane
- Risk Assessment and Permit to Work for lifting operation

Module 2 (Practical)
- Daily & weekly inspection
- Job site consideration and setting of out-rigger
- Basic crane operation and Safety in lifting operations
- Hand signal and telecommunication
- Practical lifting operations

- English or Mandarin

Participants who have attended at least 75% of the training sessions, successfully completed the end of course assessment and hold a class 5 driving licence will be awarded the Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC) in Mobile Crane (Truck Mounted) Operation.

- At least 21 years of age
- *Must possess a class 4 (provisional /qualified) driving licence (PDL/ QDL) or class 5 driving licence (Participants with class 4 (provisional/qualified) driving licence (PDL/ QDL) can only collect their certificate after they have passed their class 5 driving licence. They must do so within 6 months after successfully completing the course)
- Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents; or 
- Sponsoring company of construction work pass holders, who wish to apply for this course, must submit an endorsed copy of Form C under the “Temporary relaxation scheme” and be subjected to its prevailing terms and conditions. For more information, please visit https://www1.bca.gov.sg/buildsg/manpower/temporary-relaxation-oflicence-
- Sponsoring company of construction work pass holders, who are existing crane & hoist operators and wish to cross train in other cranes, need not submit a copy of endorsed Form C under the “Temporary relaxation scheme”; or
- Work permit holders from other industries (except Construction) who are working as crane & hoist operator may also apply for this course, subject to availability.

MOM’s requirements for applying to be a registered Crane Operator
To apply, you need to meet the following requirements:
1. Be at least 21 years old.
2. Pass the relevant crane operator course and obtain the course certificate.
You must submit your crane operator application within 6 months from date of issuance of your crane operator course certificate.
3. If you are aged 50 years or above, you must pass the medical examination before you can apply.
4. Occupation on the work pass card must be stated as “Crane and Hoist Operator” for an applicant holding a work permit or S-Pass in the construction sector, all other occupations are not accepted. Please refer to MOM website (http://www.mom.gov.sg/workplace-safetyand-health/wsh-professionals) for more information.

Intake: Conducted on a regular monthly basis. (Confirmation of training place is based on a first come, first-served basis.)
Date: 9 May & 22 May 2023
Duration: Module 1 – Theory (Total: 3 days)
Training: 22 hours + Test: 2 hours
Module 2 – Practical (Total: 9 days)
Training: 64 hours + Test/Assessment: 8 hours
Time: 8.30am to 5pm
Venue: BCA Academy, 200 Braddell Road
Fee (Inclusive of GST): $3,000.00 (without subsidy)
Foreigner: $3,250.00 (without subsidy)
Singaporeans 40 years old and above OR SME company sponsored Singaporeans or Singapore PRs. Fee payable after 70% funding support is S$1,037.38 (incl of GST).
Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and non SME company sponsored participants. Fee payable after 50% funding support is S$1,598.13 (incl of GST).

Participant must achieve at least 75% attendance and pass all assessments. BCA Academy reserves the right to recover the funded amount from the participant (self-sponsored) or employer (company sponsored) if participant did not meet the eligibility criteria. Details of SSG’s funding can be found in https://www.enterprisejobskills.gov.sg/content/upgrade-skills/course-fee-andabsentee-
payroll-funding.html (TGS-2020500229) 

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