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Certification Course on Interior Finishing Coordination

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Certification Course on Interior Finishing Coordination


Interior finishing and decorating are major components of a building cost. Today, clients demand high quality interior finishes in commercial and residential spaces. The coordinating of interior decoration projects is a professional role that requires specific skills.
An interior finishing coordinator needs to have knowledge of various interior finishes, fixtures and fittings, M&E services, construction methods and related building regulations. The ability to comprehend architectural, structural and M&E drawings and appreciate the design intent of the interior designer is just as important. Good interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with other members of the project team to ensure timely and satisfactory completion of the project are added value to the employer.
This course will develop participants’ coordination skills in interior finishing and enhance their confidence to undertake new roles. It allows graduates to move to higher supervisory and management roles in this specialised area of work. It also opens up opportunities for a career switch to be coordinators for interior design and decoration firms.

This course aims to enable the participant to acquire the knowledge and skills to:
• Manage interior decoration projections profitably;
• Deliver quality workmanship through proper supervision and coordination;
• Communicate effectively with consultants, interior designers and sub-contractors;
• Supervise and coordinate the installation of interior finishes, fixtures and fittings, M&E services in commercial, hotel and residential projects;
• Recognise the implications of Government Departments’ rules and requirements and monitor timely submissions for approvals and inspections.


MODULE 1- Contract Administration
• Law of Contract and Law of Tort
• Construction Process and Construction Contracts
• Tendering Procedure and Contents of Construction Contracts
• Variations, Payments, Completion and Claims, Defects

MODULE 2 - Project Management
• Principle of Management
• Planning and Programming
• Supervision & Coordination
• Budgeting & Financial Control
• Construction Site Safety and Regulations
• Production of On-site Sketches

MODULE 3 - Building Services
• Electrical work
• Air-conditioning work
• Alarm/water sprinkle system
• Plumbing and pipe fitting

Part A - Interior Finishes and Components
• Characteristics and properties of common floor (ceramic tiles, marble, timber), wall (plastered brick wall) and
ceiling (fibrous plaster) finishes, doors and windows, fitments and sizes of furniture
• Selection and coordination of materials, patterns, textures and colours
Part B - Interior Finishing Project Coordination
• CONQUAS workshop
• Site visits

MODULE 5 - Submission Procedure
• Rules & requirements for applications and permits to commence work
• Applications for permits and approvals
• Supervision and inspection by authorities


The applicant must be a Singapore Citizen, a Permanent Resident, or a holder of a valid employment
pass/work permit. He/She must also possess one of the followings:
a) Degree or Diploma in Construction / Building related courses from recognised institutions or
universities; or
b) Certificate in M&E Coordination; or
c) National Certificate in Construction Supervision; or
d) Certificate in Building Measurement with minimum 3 years relevant working experience

An applicant with one of the followings may be considered on a case-by-case basis:
• 3 GCE ‘O’ levels in English (Grade 1 to 8), Mathematics (Grade 1 to 6), and one other subject (Grade 1 to 8) with minimum 5 years relevant working experience;
• Interior Design Certificate with minimum 2 years relevant working experience

An applicant who has attempted either the GCE ‘N’ or GCE ‘O’ level examination but does not meet the English or Mathematics requirements is subjected to take English or Mathematics test conducted by BCA Academy to decide his enrolment eligibility.

Copy of the relevant certificates shall be submitted together with the Course Registration Form.

A participant must attain at least 75% attendance to be eligible to take the examination at the end of the course.
Those who pass the examination will be awarded Certificate in Interior Finishing Coordination.

Interior designers and decorators, project coordinators, site supervisors, renovation contractors, suppliers and project supervisors.


Last run started in Sep 2016. Course terminated after this run.

Duration: 4 months (108 hours)

Frequency: 2-3 times per week

Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue: BCA Academy

Fee (incl of GST): S$2,850.00*

*Skills Development Fund (SDF) for SME and Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme of up to 95% subsidyis available, subject to WDA’s eligibility criteria. Please go to for more information.
Company applying for SDF funding are required to apply at SkillsConnect prior to course registration.
Eligible applicant only pays the balance of course fee (incl of GST) after SDF course fee support.

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To check the status of your course applications, please log into the Customer Self Service Portal (CSSP) at
If you need assistance on using the CSSP, please call our customer service hotline: 6248 9999, from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

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1) The company and individual applicant has read and understood the terms and conditions. 2) The company and individual applicant warrant that the particulars given are accurate. 3) The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) can disclose to other government agencies any information relating to this application. 4) Payment for the course must be made to BCA before the course commencement date. 5) Any Direct Debit and Direct Credit Authorisation for GIRO applications previously signed and passed to BCA will apply to payments made under this course. 6) BCA reserves the right to accept or reject the application for whatever reason. 7) BCA shall at its discretion allocate a space to the registered applicant, based on availability. 8) BCA reserves the right to amend any details relating to the course, revise the course fees without prior notice, cancel or postpone the course. 9) No deferment is allowed. 10) Request for withdrawal must be made in writing. Requests are subject to approval by BCA and administration fee: Written request for withdrawal that reaches BCA - At least 2 weeks before the course commencement date: 10% of course fee is payable. - Less than 2 weeks but more than 3 working days before the course commencement date: 25% of course fee is payable. - 3 working days or less before the course commencement date: full course fee is payable. 11) No Replacement is allowed for funded participants. 12) The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points indicated for any course offered by BCA is subject to change and final approval by the relevant professional accreditation bodies. 13) Funding and subsidies offered by BCA or third party organisations for the courses are subject to approval. The company must make the application for funding and subsidies. BCA is not to be held liable and the company agrees to pay BCA the applicable funding amount if funding and subsidies are either granted at a reduced amount, not granted at all or if funding is revoked, for whatever reason. 14) All information, materials, services, intellectual property and other property and rights provided by BCA during the course are provided on an “as is” basis. BCA makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, as to any matter, and all such warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly disclaimed. 15) The materials supplied to the company and individual applicant for the course (“Materials”) are for their personal reference only and the company and individual applicant is not supposed to otherwise use the Materials. The company and individual applicant shall defend and indemnify BCA and its officers, employees and agents from and against any and all liability, damage, loss or expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) imposed upon BCA in connection with any claim arising out of the company and individual applicant’s use of the Materials. 15) Re-assessment fee is applicable for those who are required to re-take the assessment. 16) I consent to BCA, BCA Academy, and BCA’s employees contacting me via my contacts (including email addresses and mobile numbers) to market future courses, seminars, conduct surveys, circulate publications (i.e. magazines, periodicals etc). If you wish to withdraw your consent to any use or disclosure of your personal data as set out above, you may contact us. PLEASE NOTE: All correspondence and notices addressed to BCA are to be sent to BCA Academy. Photographs of attendees will be taken at the event for our publicity materials, newsletters and other publications.

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