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The Centre for Sustainable Buildings and Construction (CSBC) is BCA’s dedicated research unit that focuses on sustainable building solutions for the future through research and development (R&D). CSBC drives R&D efforts in support of BCA’s strategic policies and directions on green buildings and sustainable construction. The Centre targets R&D in niche areas where gaps in the level of technology or know-how is an impediment to the overall progress of the industry; all this while capitalising on where Singapore has a competitive edge.

Besides providing information and analysis, CSBC undertakes, commissions and manages research, to achieve policy goals on green buildings and sustainable construction and championing sustainability in the built environment. The Centre provides a unifying platform for the various segments of the industry to come together to work on projects with a common objective. In addition, it serves as a bridge to accelerate the transfer of technology and knowhow from research institutions and innovation hubs to Singapore’s building and construction industry. Our partners include academic institutions, professional bodies, private companies as well as government agencies.

Depending on the nature of research, CSBC’s involvement in the promotion of green buildings and sustainable construction ranges from data collation, technology scans, trend analysis, facilitation of pilot projects, to test-bedding via our flagship project, the Zero Energy Building (ZEB@BCA Academy). Through the sharing of Singapore’s unique experience in promoting green buildings in the tropics, the Centre also serves as BCA’s gateway for international collaboration on sustainable buildings and construction, to advance the knowledge and awareness on the role of buildings in mitigating climate change, as well as to enhance technical capabilities in dealing with the new challenges that climate change brings to the built environment.

The Centre for Sustainable Buildings and Construction recognises that the dissemination of research findings and new technologies is essential for the advancement of the industry. To this end, we work closely with research partners to ensure that commercially-viable technologies can be test-bedded and findings are translated into practice-based design guidelines/ methodology. Knowledge gained from case studies and best practices are also shared regularly with the industry through publications and events like guidebooks and seminars or conferences.

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