Training Courses for Licensed Electricians & Licensed Technician

BCA Academy has been organising the refresher course for Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW) from year 2011.   The refresher course would provide LEWs the latest changes in the Electricity Act, relevant regulations Codes of Practice as well as the latest knowledge to enable the LEW to be technically competent to meet the latest challenges in the electrical industry. This is a requirement part of the Energy Market Authority’s Regulations for the renewal of their electrical license.   The Energy Market Authority (EMA) is the regulator of the electricity industry which oversees the licensing scheme for electrical installations governed by the Electricity Act (Cap 89A) and Electricity (Electrical Installation) Regulations.

Highlights of the course include:

  • Highlights in Electricity Act and relevant regulations
  • Installation licence application procedures
  • Overview on Application of Electricity Supply
  • Procedures for Application & Turn-On of Electricity Supply
  • Procedures for first energisation to non-domestic consumer’s electrical installation > 45kVA
  • Site Requirements – Common Deviations
  • Metering Requirements
  • Common non-compliance in electrical installation (<45kVA) with CP 5
  • Changes and highlights in Code of Practice (CP 5 & CP 88)
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
  • Electrical Accident Investigations – Case Studies
  • Salient Points of CP 91 – Code of Practice for Lockout Procedure

A record of 550 licensed electrical workers including electricians, technicians and engineers have attended the course since its inception last year. A total of 2000 LEWs is expected to go through the course over the next 5 years.  Click here for more course details.