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COVID-Safe Training Supporting the Built Environment

As part of the COVID-Safe Restart, please see below for further details: 

  • Updates on Advisory for a Safe and Controlled Restart of Construction Sector – visit https://www1.bca.gov.sg/COVID-19
  • COVID-Safe Training Navigator - Your one-stop navigator for COVID-Safe training information and requests - click here 
  • COVID-Safe Training for Workers & Safe Management Officers Course for Construction
  • COVID-Safe Training and Worksite Requirements: click here

    Training and Worksite Requirements

  • COVID-Safe Training for Workers (for workers in construction projects, supply works, building works, renovation and construction account works):

    [Note:  (a) The course will be discontinued by May 2021. Application for the course must be submitted latest by 14 May 2021. Those who had already applied for the course but pending completion will be required to complete and pass the course by 27 May 2021. (b) Those who had applied but yet to hear from us, please do not re-apply for the same workers unless you are contacted by BCA Academy to do so.]

  • Safe Management Officers (SMO)s Course (for SMO and SDO implementing SMMs in construction sites, for construction projects and supply works only) for Construction:
    • Course brochure (BCA Academy) – click here
    • Register at BCA Academy – click here
    • To request for withdrawal, change of class schedule, or expired/suspended OSF account etc - click here

    [Note: The certificates issued from BCA Academy, NTUC LearningHub and SCAL Academy are recognised under BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria.]


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