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COVID-Safe Training Supporting the Built Environment

As part of the COVID-Safe Restart, please see below for further details: 

  • Updates on Advisory for a Safe and Controlled Restart of Construction Sector – visit https://www1.bca.gov.sg/COVID-19
  • COVID-Safe Training Navigator - Your one-stop navigator for COVID-Safe training information and requests
    - click here 
  • COVID-Safe Training for Workers & Safe Management Officers Course for Construction
  • COVID-Safe Training and Worksite Requirements: click here

    Training and Worksite Requirements

  • COVID-Safe Training for Workers (for workers in construction projects, supply works, building works, renovation and construction account works):

    (NOTE: Those who had applied but yet to hear from us, please do not re-apply for the same workers unless you are contacted by BCA Academy to do so.)

  • Safe Management Officers (SMO)s Course (for SMO and SDO implementing SMMs in construction sites, for construction projects and supply works only) for Construction:
    • Course brochure (BCA Academy) – click here
    • Register at BCA Academy – click here
    • Register at NTUC LearningHub - click here
    • Register at SCAL Academy - click here
    • To request for withdrawal, change of class schedule, or expired/suspended OSF account etc - click here

    (Note: The certificates issued from BCA Academy, NTUC LearningHub and SCAL Academy are recognised under BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria.)


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