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icon_arrow_hdr Studying @ BCA Academy
The BCA Academy offers a wide range of academic programmes, in full-time or part-time mode, to cater to the diverse needs of its students. The BCA Academy has launched a one-year Pre-Diploma Foundation Programme that caters to Secondary 4 students from the Normal stream who have done well for their GCE ‘N’ Level examinations. The programme is designed to better prepare them for entry into the relevant BCA Academy Diploma programmes. For GCE ‘O’ Level holders who wish to pursue a career in the built environment, there are diploma programmes with curricula which are practice-oriented and tailored specifically to the needs of the built environment.
For executives and managers working in the industry, there are Specialist Diploma Programmes, Degree and Master Programmes, Seminars and Executive Development Programmes offered at the Academy for their qualifications upgrading. 


At the BCA Academy, we offer a life-long learning journey for individuals who are keen to establish a career in the built environment. The progression chart shows the possible educational pathways for individuals who wish to acquire or upgrade their skills and qualifications for their academic and career progression.


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